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Essex Country Life is delighted to welcome you to this web site where you will be able to enjoy a taste of country life as experienced in Edwardian and Victorian times by those above and below stairs.

The site covers the 100 year period from the accession to the throne of Queen Victoria in 1837 through the reign of King Edward 7th until to the death of King George 5th in 1936. This period was chosen for two reasons, firstly  it marked a period of change from a rural lifestyle that had been virtually unchanged for hundreds of years to the modern lifestyle that we now recognise. The second reason was that it covered the life span of many of the great grandparents and great-great grandparents that many enthusiasts are now discovering as part of unearthing their family history with access to reliable records after 1840  for the majority of the population.



Content relates to the lifestyles of people in that period.

Hard historical facts , listings of tradesmen and lifesyle history before 1837 are all found on our sister site www.essex-family-history.co.uk

The site has been developed by Marshland for the benefit of the public and as such additional information will be welcomed from people who wish to add/ amend existing pages or add new pages.

The site is under continuous  development with pages being added on  daily basis. If there is anything relevant that you cannot find on the site contact the webmaster via the button at the bottom of the page.

Navigation is by visiting the link buttons to the left of this text. Each button leads to a subject index page allowing access to fascinating information about the lifestyle of the past few generations.


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